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My neighbor's friend discovered the Neutron Dipole Moment

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    Yeah it's true, I heard him talking all about it tonight. He said he came up with the theory for it a while ago and he heard of it recently then he knew he was right.

    Among other things, he briefly said he connected quantum mechanics and consciousness. Then to top it off he said physicists don't understand anything conceptually and rely on math to explain things. He, on the other hand, doesn't need math to explain his theories.

    I'm pretty sure John Baez made his index from this guy. I stopped scoring after about 100 points.
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    It sounds like if he were a pinball machine, the "TILT" lights would be blinking like crazy. :biggrin:
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    Let the persecution begin!
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    Troll cleanup completed.
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    I like Serena

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    Hey peng, I just had a discussion with someone else, and I was wondering.
    Who did you expect to be persecuted?
    Since it appears it was not clear.
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    Peng wants all non-penguins to be mercilessly persecuted. :frown:
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