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My Research Project centered around Faraday's Law: Help and Discussion

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    Quick question.
    I'm currently(started today) working on research centered Faraday's Law with an application in automobiles, and I'm just looking for some good articles/academic journals/research papers on Faraday's law to get a better understanding of it.
    I gained a brief understanding of the topic in a physics course 2 semesters ago, but of course much of what I learned then was not retained. So the concept isn't foreign to me, but as I look deeper in Faraday's Law I wanted to get reference from people I knew would be most familiar with it.

    As I continue my research over the next 8 weeks(and most likely further on) I'll be using this thread as my way of sharing and discussing progress.

    By the way this is my first post so very quick introduction: My name's Keenan, I like to consider myself a young budding pupil in the area of Mechanical Engineering, but with a strong interest in Electrical Engineering and physics, just finished my 2nd year and I'm starting my first research project. So.....hey everybody.
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    So what you want is a good electromagnetism book. It's a mistake to try and just understand Faraday's law without having a solid foundation of classical electromagnetism as a whole. You need to study Maxwell's equations in all their glory to appreciate where Faraday's law comes from.

    Griffiths has a book on this which is popular, Ohanian is decent (the one I learned from). Additionally if you really need a basic level book to get you going, try picking up a standard introductory physics textbook such as Halliday and Resnick and read pretty much everything they have to say about the subject, and then move to a more advanced book.
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    I will start there, then.
    Thank you.
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