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My supervisor wants a market survey?

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    .... and as an engineering student and having no idea about the market... i dont know what to do, so i thought i'd ask you guys - as i dont have much time!!!

    my project has been to create a bluetooth <> zigbee gateway... but in the form of a home automation scheme. at the moment i have it all running & working & have my proof of concept... but i need a market survey or consumer response... so guys (girls too if you read this), tell me how you feel about being able to control/monitor your home from your cellphone. you do everything else on it - why not make it make you coffee or set the romantic mood for a dinner?

    it works out cheaper than any other system i've found - has the functionality of all of them, is completely wireless, and a whole lot more secure than X10. it runs on almost any cellphone that has bluetooth and java (which basically means any fone with bluetooth).. and ... er.. ya...
    so, what do you think? be my market for me? :biggrin:
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    Sounds good.

    How about you lay out some questions for your survey, then people will have specific issues to share their thoughts on. Just an idea...
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    I'd be concerned about snooping and spoofing, so you should address security concerns in your market approach. Make sure that you have a high enough level of security built into your approach, and then use that as part of your marketing literature.

    Good job on the project -- definitely real-world. I have an EE friend who has started a company in Europe based on a very similar concept.
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