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My take on the anthropic principle.

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    We all know the general definition of the anthropic principle, but here's my "take" on it, if you will.

    Assume that life is super rare. Let's say that life is a near impossibility, but is still not ultimately precluded from occurring.

    Despite this, it seems to me, that any intelligent life that does manage to arise under these conditions, will TAKE FOR GRANTED its existence.

    Why? Well, being alive and having conscious thought is, in my opinion, all you CAN be aware of. Therefore, that very ability will be taken for granted, because nothing else could ever be known in the first place!

    Sorry for this. I just have some random crap going through my head right now.
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    I don't think that (sentient) life would tend to take itself for granted, and i don't think humanity does (the majority at least).
    According to the cogito, you're aright about the awareness, i agree - but how does that lead to "that very ability being taken for granted"?
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    More precisely what do you mean by "taken for granted"?
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    This isn't any "take" on the anthropic principle.
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