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    Did Paul Dirac believe in multiple universes?

    Prominent physicist Paul Dirac proposed a hypothesis that indicated that constants and laws of physics would evolve with time into different constants and laws of nature ( This hypothesis was used by Robert Dicke...
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    Does Lawrence Krauss believe in the anthropic principle?

    Summary: Does Lawrence Krauss believe in the anthropic principle? I have read a lot of texts both indicating that physicist Lawrence Krauss is against the anthropic principle. But I have read several texts indicating that Lawrence Krauss believes that this principle is true and has developed...
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    I Did Wheeler consider Carter's anthropic multiverse?

    Physicist John Wheeler wrote an article called "Genesis and Observership" where he said near the end: "We have reviewed the evidence out of the big bang tat the universe did come into being and the evidence that not only space but all the structures and laws of physics are mutable. In the...
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    I Does the Strong Anthropic Principle have any equivalent specific model?

    The anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration that observations of the universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it. There are two main types of anthropic principle: Weak Anthropic Principle (WAP) and Strong Anthropic Principle (SAP) The Strong...
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    A Multiverse reduction in the new Hawking/Hertog model?

    Hawking and Hertog's new paper "A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation?" does away with the infinite multiverse of Hawking's previous theory and proposes a cosmology that predicts "a simpler and finite universe". But I can't figure out the extent of this reduction to a "simpler and finite"...