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Nail growth hormone?

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    Nail growth hormone???


    Don't actually know if this is the correct section but anyway.

    Does anybody know how our fingernails grow? What stimulates them to grow? Is there something i could do more/take to help my nails grown quicker and stronger?


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    I don't know about hormones, but I think salt water helps growing and strengthening of nails. I only say this since, when I was a kid, we used to go on family holidays down south and I used to spend a lot of time swimming in the sea. After a few days my nails had grown a lot, and felt stronger too. This may just have been a coincidence, but I think there's some truth to it!
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    He plays guitar if anyone has a raised eyebrow, or is questioning why a boy would want to grow his nails.
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    Nothing wrong with wanting strong nails: if I had strong nails perhaps I'd bite them less.

    I am, however, a little concerned about your postcount.. it's a sign :devil:
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    I couldn't really find anything on google, most of the searches came up with growing healthy nails and how to paint your nails.

    This is what I found anyway:


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    The Number of the beast!

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    So when im doing something like watching TV ill try soaking them in salt water?


    Open to any other suggestions
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    is there an actualy hormone or something in the body which makes nails grow?
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    Take a calcium supplement and gelatin capsules. Both are available at drug stores. Knox gelatin is one of the brands that comes to mind.
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    Drink milk.
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