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Names for groups of animals - terms of venery

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    jim mcnamara

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    I always thought that a gaggle of geese was appropriate, but it seems that gaggle is only when they are on land. Who knew? Who cared?




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    jim mcnamara

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    A Victorian writer with an overabundance propriety cared. He's dead now. So, how about a honkfest of geese? Now that nobody cares anymore.
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    I've always referred to a group of sea cucumbers as a "salad" (especially when there are some snails hanging around)....stupid, sure, but small kids like it and parents tend to roll their eyes. For me, that's a win.
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    An flotilla of Narwhal

    (not sure of the plural of narwhal).
    They look like this.

    A Tangle of Nematodes
    Round worms, look like this.

    A Fuzz of Fungus
    Not an animal though.
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