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Homework Help: Naming and writing formulas of compounds

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    Name the following :ZnI2, BrF, FeSO3, CaH2, BaHPO3,CuNO3, AgIO, SO2

    write the correct formula of these: zinc sulphate, barium nitrate, gold(III)nitrate, barium chloride, mercurous nitrate, antimony(V)cloride, ferrous bromide, calcium carbonate and hydrobromic acid.

    i have attempted them as aswell....
    ok...so i got these...
    ZnI2 - Zinc Iodide
    BrF-Barium Floride
    FeSO3- Iron sulphite
    CaH2- Calcium hyroxide
    BaHPO3-Barium hypophosphate
    CuNO3- Copper Nitrate
    AgIO2- Gold(II)Idoxide
    SO2- Sulphide

    For the formulas i got...
    zinc sulphate- ZnSO3
    barium nitrate-BaNO3
    gold(III)sulpahte- AgSO3
    barium chloride- BaCl
    mercurous nitrate- i don't get this one!
    antimony (V) cloride- AtCl5
    ferrous bromide- FeBr
    calcium carbonate- CaCO3
    hydrobromic acid- HBO3
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    here u go....:)
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    What is Br the symbol for? (It's not barium)
    No, calcium hydroxide is Ca(OH)2. The formula you are trying to name does not have the oxygen in, and so is calcium hydride.
    I'm not sure about this one.
    Well, Ag is silver. To be honest, I don't know this one either!
    That's not correct. What is CO2? Can you tell from this what SO2 is?

    No. You seen to be getting confused with the oxyanions. Compounds ending in SO4 are sulphates; compounds ending in SO3 are sulphites.
    The chemical symbol for Gold is Au. Also, I'm sure the question says gold(III) nitrate. What does the III in brackets mean?
    No, your charges on this compound don't balance. Look at which groups each element is in in the periodic table.
    I think mercurous means the 1+ ion of mercury.
    At is astatine-- check your periodic table!
    Ferrous means iron(II) ions
    B is no the symbol for bromine. Do you know the formula for hydrochloric acid? If so, can you get from this the formula for hydrobromic acid?

    [And, for the record, I'm not a chemist, and haven't taken chemistry for quite a while-- that's why I don't know the answres to some of the questions! Someone who does know them will be along soon, I'm sure!]
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    Barium nitrate is not BaNO3.

    Chemzz, it looks like you're guessing many of these. There's a systematic way to do these that you need to learn first.

    See the link in the above post, as well as http://www.ausetute.com.au/wriiform.html
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    Sorry, it's not-- my bad :blushing:
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    Br stands for bromine and B stands for boron
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    Barium biphosphite
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    hi. I'm a student that doesn't understand how to write the formulas to compounds. if you could help me, please do. thanks.
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