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National ID Card

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    Should every individual be forced to wield a National ID? Why or why not?
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    I already have one, actually two including the state driver's license. There are several national databases, and they do a good job of keeping tabs - unless . . . .
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    ... unless someone steals your identity.

    We do have a card that serves as a de facto national ID card. The problem is, the Social Security card was never intended to be used as an ID card. The protections are minimal (at best), which is one of the reasons we have such an identity theft problem in the US.

    For a long time, I simply refused to give out my Social Security number when asked for it. My response to "What's your Social Security number?" was "None of your business. It's private." That worked for several years, until some bright boy figured out that, while they (insurance company/loan company/etc.) could not compel me to reveal my Social Security number, they were not compelled to file my insurance claim, give me a loan, etc. if I refused.

    So we're stuck in a situation where a national ID scheme is needed and the only one available is incredibly insecure. Had you asked me twenty years ago about a national ID card I would have responded NO plus a choice expletive or two. I have since done a 180 on the concept. We need one.
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    The UK is getting one which will not only stop terrorism and save children but will apparently stop it raining on Wimbledon while allowing a British player to win.
    There were concerns about the cost and goverment snooping but it's now going to be run by a private company so no worries there .
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    I don't understand - isn't it supposed to rain at Wimbledon? That's the whole reason for having it in England!
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