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Schools National Labs v. University

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    Hi, I was recently accepted into two summer programs. One, an REU at U Chicago and two, an internship at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. A friend of mine says that the National Lab internship is more prestigious, that is, that the mentors are slightly more amazing at the National Lab.

    Is this generally true? I just wanted other people's takes on the offers.

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    Both are amazing opportunities, so really either choice you go with will be a great experience.

    Its likely that Lawrence Berkeley will have more extravagant projects but really you should look specifically what projects each program offers, and choose what you are more interested in. One up side of going to a REU at U Chicago is that it will give you an opportunity to meet and make yourself known to their department. This way when its time to apply to grad schools, you already have a step over other applicants (assuming you leave a good impression on the department).
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    That's good point about establishing connections. I'll take it into consideration.
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