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Nature of spacetime and interest in the field

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    I am not quite sure what field the study of spacetime and energy would apply, considering I'm looking at it from a very, very big-picture point of view. I have a few theories and have done some math in regard to these three fields, and some of my conclusions have been quite interesting. I desire to have these ideas reviewed by an actual physicist (I am an amateur and not very experienced, thus my ideas are undoubtedly flawed to some degree or other) in order to gain a fuller understanding of where I lie and where modern physics lies. Are there any open-access journals or something of that nature that I can submit a general thesis of my ideas to? I have researched and not found any that apply in this situation.
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    General Relativity and quantum gravity, probably.
    I don't think this is a good idea. If you want to know where you made an error and where you did not, ask some physicist personally, or ask in a forum.
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