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Homework Help: Nautical Miles to kilometers help?

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    Nautical Miles to kilometers help??

    You receive orders to sail due east for 38.1 mi to put your salvage ship directly over a sunken pirate ship. However, when your divers probe the ocean floor at that location and find no evidence of a ship, you radio back to your source of information, only to discover that the sailing distance was supposed to be 38.1 nautical miles, not regular miles. Use the Length table in Appendix D to calculate how far horizontally you are from the pirate ship in kilometers.

    I know the answer but i just don't know how to get it
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    Re: Nautical Miles to kilometers help??

    This appears to be a homework question, so it should go in the homework section.
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    Re: Nautical Miles to kilometers help??

    What is the conversion factor between miles and nautical miles?

    1 mile = ____ nautical miles ?​
    1 nautical mile = ____ miles ?​
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