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Necessary accessories for making a film

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    So far I have the camera and the external microphone, but I realized that I'm probably going to need some light. I want to get some handheld light source that can provide white light (not the ugly yellow light a lot of bulbs produce). Any ideas on some keywords I could search for on Ebay or Google to help me find what I'm looking for? All I need is a bulb that produces white light, a socket that I can plug it into that is attached to a wire and I'm free to move the light where ever I want. Any ideas on how I could find this? Thanks.
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    Might help-
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    You can cover your ugly yellow lights with white filters.It's not difficult to make a stand using wood either.
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    Light bounced off of white surfaces looks best on film, IMO.
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    You can Also use a green background(In case you want to use adobe aftereffects) :)
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