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Need a reccomendation for a good video about evolution.

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    My girlfriend is christian and completely denies the existence of evolution. She's always reading or watching anti-evolution books and movies, and doesn't seem to actually understand what the theory of evolution is about or claims.

    I, on the other hand, do accept evolution. She wants me to go with her to an apologetics lecture, and in return I want her to watch something with me that will really explain to her what the theory of evolution claims, from an unbiased perspective and in such a way that doesn't bash religion or go into the issue of God.

    Preferably something that addresses some of the common arguments of creationists.

    Anyone know a good one?
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    Some of his work is insulting (if you find blunt statements about reality insulting...). This book is not. It goes over much of the evidence for evolution, and specifically addresses many common creationist claims, all at a lay-person's level. If I remember right (it's been a while since I read it), he doesn't directly address theism vs. atheism instead sticking to evolution vs. creation. Maybe you could read it first and see if it's too offensive for her? It's an excellent read even for those of who already understand evolution.

    I doubt you'll find much that specifically addresses creationist claims that some creationists won't find offensive.
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    Maybe listen to Dawkins first

    especially about the "design errors" starting at 17:45
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    How about Darwin's papers on evolution...?

    Dont be scared of offending her. Many religious people will get offended whenever religion is brought up outside of the usual context (i.e. church).

    And if she will get offended by Dawkins, maybe reconsider the relationship, though it isnt for me to say.
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    I would suggest, instead of trying to teach her evolution, start to give some interest in science - history of science, how scientific theories are evolved etc.
    Carl sagan's cosmos would be a good start.

    It is hard to dislike Carl Sagan.
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    Have her read through http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evosite/evo101/index.shtml" [Broken].

    Though I also endorse Dawkins' book greatest show on earth, if you can convince her to read it--It is really good on the science of evolution and steers clear of his sometimes attacks on religion.
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    I think the best fit for you is this: (from the Khan Academy)


    It might seem childish, but I think it is exactly to the point, fun, good for a beginner (even a child can understand what he says) and it makes no reference to religion.

    Also, the first books of Dawkins like The Selfish Gene could be good. It's been years since since I read it, but from what I remember although there are some puns against religion, there is no outright assault.
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