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Need guidance - RF engineer/DSP engineer interview

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    Please guide me how to prepare for interviews for the post of RF engineer and/or DSP engineer.
    I finished my masters in electrical engineering and am looking for a job in these two fields.

    Topics and concepts that I must prepare
    and also the practical skills one must possess (I have used ADS, MATLAB, ....done some lab experiments using VNA, SNA)

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    What did you specialize in for your Master's degree? Based on your other thread about RF circuit parameters, I'm thinking that you did not do much RF based work in your schoolwork?
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    I did MS in Information and Communication Engineering. I studied subjects like

    Advanced Radio Communication
    Radar System engineering
    spaceborne SAR remote sensing
    Integrated systems and signal processing
    communication systems and protocols
    control systems
    microwave laboratory ...

    My thesis topic was Evaluation of high precision frequency estimation algorithms for FMCW radar (MATLAB implementation)

    My subjects are related to both the fields but my basic concepts are still weak :(
    I sincerely want to improve my knowledge and have an in depth understanding...please guide
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    I think you just answered your own question. Start by learning the basics!
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