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Need Help-Alternator Searching

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    Dear everyone. I have a problem and need your help.

    I am building the system to produce electricity for a room with 40 PC and 40 LCD screens. The needed power is about 15 KW (20 hp) per hour. My system consists of a compressed air tank, a turbocharger and an alternator. I will talk a little bit about the operation: the air is released from the tank and driven by ducting system to turbocharger at which is through turbocharger and rotate alternator to produce electricity. I have searched in internet many times about the alternator but still have no fit one. Can anybody suggest me one? And the turbocharger too if you don't mind. I really need all the details about both of it before I start design this system.

    If anybody have any ideas or used to do this project, please give me some advice as well as your own experiences. I greatly appreciate that.
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    If you want to use this as a back up power supply buy yourself a proper UPS (uninteruptable power supply) it will be cheaper and more reliable then what you are suggesting. If you really want to make your own electricity buy a petrol powered generator, compressing air and then expanding it to turn a turbine will be very very inefficient.
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