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Need help for electromagnetic repulsion device

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    creating force with sound

    Hi, I am currently building a device for the company I work for to open molds that have been plasticized together using sound. The idea is to produce a frequency that will either vibrate the lid open or push it open, but I am stumped on what calculations I need to use. Should I be calculating sound pressure or should I use some other means?

    I would greatly appreciate some help!

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    I should add the sound will be directed down a small hole into the hollow product inside the mold and I'm assuming that will create more pressure when the sound travels back to the lid
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    I am trying to figure out how my idea will work for an electromagnetic device that if possible would repel a lid from an aluminium mold that is 6in in diameter and 52in long and 1in thick would I be have to place an AC electromagnet on the opposite end of the lid while running a weaker current to the lid itself or would I need two opposing electromagnets at either end?
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    and the mold is in a cylindrical shape
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    Since aluminum is non-ferrous, you will need to use eddy current forces to do this. They are used in recyclable material sorting, for example. Let us know what you find with those Google search terms... :smile:
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