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Need help in deciding what to research for physics project

  1. Oct 5, 2015 #1
    Hello enlighted people of this forum. I'm an undergraduate from a university in Colombia, my subject of study is software engineering but I have a class which is named "Physics 2", this class introduces the subjects of simple harmonic motion(pendulum, sound waves, etc), electric fields, Gauss's law and introductory circuits. For class we're required to make an experiment or research and show it to the whole university in some kind of science fair.

    The problem here is not that we don't know the subjects taught in class but that my team and I don't really know what to do as an experiment. We've searched for videos on physics experiments involving simple harmonic motion and circuits but they were all really basic, they were all just building pendulums or lighting some little bulbs.

    So, I wanted to ask, can you guys give me examples or ideas as to what kind of experiment or research to conduct? we have very limited resources as the university doesn't provide anything so it would have to be kind of cheap. I'd like to make a project that demonstrates the basic concepts or those subjects I talked about but that is still cool and draws attention.

    Note that I'm not asking for a how to do this tutorial but I'm rather asking for ideas for a experiment and examples or resources where I can learn about that experiment.
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    Look at projects done in previous years?
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    Yes but I don't know which projects, In my college this is the first time it's done so I don't really know what to do. We could do pendulums but we think that's really simple and doesn't make a cool experiment
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    Why not do something comparing the oscillations of both a classical pendulum and an RLC circuit? Find out how resistance compares to air resistance, etc. etc.
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