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Need help ly please

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    Need help urgently please....

    so i have this book called "Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy" written by Robert Hazen & James Trefil which seems to have basics of all fields of science compiled together in it.

    check this link for more info:

    anyways this book seems to be published in the 1990's and so i was wondering if anyone knows of an updated version of this book or any other updated book like this one which has basics of all science compiled in one book

    P.S. i don't think this is the appropriate section for this thread and i was going to post it in the "learning materials" section but it won't let me make a new thread there. i would really like to know why.

    anyways so move this thread accordingly.
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    Re: Need help urgently please....

    According to Amazon, the copyright is for 1991 and for 2009, so I reckon the most recent edition is 2009. I have only just accidentally run across your appeal, so I hope my response is in time.
    Actually, for a book of that nature, the exact edition seldom matters. Even Hogben's "Science for the Citizen" of 1938 is still useful, as well as being a great classic. Asimov's "Guide to Science" has merits as well. If such a book is worth much, then an older edition will not mislead you on anything more than matters of detail; it is not there to keep you up to date on the latest developments. Nothing can do that, not even a science library that subscribes to all the latest journals.
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    Re: Need help urgently please....

    Thank you Jon. That helped :)
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    Re: Need help urgently please....

    You are altogether welcome, BB!
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