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Need help with an idea!

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    I was looking to get any advice from a mechanical engineer about motion sensors. Would it be possible to make a motion sensor work underwater? i wasn't sure if the water would interfere. Thanks for anything, if this isn't an appropriate place for this question i would appreciate if anyone has a better forum to ask on. Thanks!
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    I'm not an ME and I don't know about different kinds of motion sensors but I can guarantee you that you can make an underwater motion detector with a combination of a video camera and software to detect changes in the image. This obviously would not work as the light got dimmer and dimmer at depths.
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    Doppler shift flow meters are one example of similar tech. They measure the velocity of bubbles or particles in fluids.
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    Yes there are underwater motion sensors. Like Billy said, their functioning is based on Doppler shift. Usual motion sensors use infra red.
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    How is the water moving? What range do you require? How big are your moving targets?

    Waves would produce variable doppler shifts, a flowing river would produce a constant doppler shift.

    The echo of an ultrasonic pulse or chirp will depend on the position of nearby objects. If the record changes then the environment has changed.
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