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Negative Rod and Negative Conductors

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    I am trying to understand induction. If I have a negatively charged rod, and two negatively charged conductors, does no induction occur? or is the induction simply the movement of the electrons from the more negatively charged conductor to the less negatively charged conductor? or does this all depend on the degree of the negative charges?

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    It would depend upon the actual quantities involved. Clearly it would be possible to in crease the negative charge on an already negatively charged conductor.
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    hi there
    welcome to PF :)

    Induction is the generation of a current flowing in a conductor when it moves in a magnetic field ( or conversly a stationary conductor in a moving magnetic field)

    Induction is what happens in a transformer, when there is mains voltage at 50/60Hz input and some stepped down voltage to run you laptop etc on the output
    In this case you have 2 coils of wire, the first coil, the primary winding of the transformer has an AC current flowing through it, this produces a varying magnetic field around that coil.
    The secondary winding ( coil) of the transformer is placed within that magnetic field and a current is induced into that coil.

    another example would be of the induction of a current from an electromagnetic (EM) radio wave into an antenna.
    The antenna is stationary on its mast and the EM waves are passing across the receiver antenna. That EM wave induces a current to flow in the wire of the antenna.

    In your example, I dont see any induction occurring, if you touch the rod to one of the conductors, then CONDUCTION will occur and there will be a movement of charge ( electrons) between the two till the balances.

    hope that helped :)

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    There is also electrostatic induction. See "The Electrophorus" for the most elementary version of the phenomenon.
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