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New Category wanted (needed?): Philosophy of Physics

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    I have just recently been introduced to a really terrific book called "Introduction to The Philosophy of Physics" by Marc Lange and it has opened up a lot of great avenues of thought for me and was thinking it would be equally terrific to have a category available in this forum to discuss such matters. Typical topics might include if magnetic fields are real or just mathematical, spaciotemporal locality, what is the actual nature of time, is time travel into the past really meaningful, and so on. What does everyone think?
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    Opening up PF to discussions of woo under the guise of philosophy would be a mistake.
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    Philosophy topics give me hives. I know that there is some legitimate philosophy in the community, but in practice it is impossible to moderate well.
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    The problem with philosophy questions of this sort is that there is no way to test any answers by experiment. So discussions of these topics inevitably become endless threads of people restating their positions with no resolution. I'd prefer to stick to topics where there is at least some chance of figuring out who is right and who is wrong.
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    NO. We recently closed the philosophy forum due to this kind of crackpottery.
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