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Title: A New Interpretation about the Evolution of the Cosmos
Authors: Fang-Pei Chen
Comments: 16 pages

Based on Lorentz and Levi-Civita's conservation laws, it can be shown that the energy of the matter field in the universe might originate from the gravitational field as a result of the latter field's energy decrease and the total entropy increase followed by cosmic expansion. By exploring this possibility and by using some new evidences discovered from recent astronomical observations, we establish an alternative theory of cosmology, which gives a new interpretation about the evolution of the cosmos and a number of new explanations regarding dark energy and dark matter.
A very math rich paper, but reading between the maths gives a hint that
this idea may be worth watching.
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548 [Broken]

By the same author.

Gravitational energy radiation is not proved by Pulsar system PSR 1913+16
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The second paper disputes Gravitational energy radiation, a proof which
is supposed from in spiral in two body system, is there an alternate proof?

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