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New course of physics.

  1. Jul 26, 2011 #1
    Hi I'm taking a new course of physics for the fall semester and was wondering if any of you have an idea of what I'm taking. Thanks in advance. This is what the course says:

    Characteristics and objectives of the course:
    This course is basic to all engineering careers and introduces students to the study of dynamics, second and third law of Newton, from a theoretical and experimental. Students learn to describe quantitatively the motion of an object and verify its modeling through experiments in the laboratory. The course requires students to possess skills to perform operations with vectors, solving systems of linear equations and manage basic concepts of trigonometry and analytic geometry.
    At the end of the course the student is expected to:
    * Know and understand:
    • The laws and principles that govern the motion of a particle, and identify applications of these laws in his career.
    * Know:
    • Measure the correct local acceleration of gravity.
    • Correctly calculate the physical quantities that describe the dynamics of the particle in rectilinear motion with friction using the stroboscope.
    • Correctly calculate the physical quantities that describe the dynamics of the particle in a circular motion without friction using the stroboscope.
    • Build a prototype to demonstrate unequivocally at least one conservation principle.
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    Good News, it sounds like you are taking the first level of physics. It sounds like the same physics that one would take on a path to engineering or med school. It will be pretty math intensive. The Characteristics and objectives sound pretty standard for this type of class. Other than that, I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you ask if anyone has an idea of what you are taking.
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    Yes I'm currently studying to become an engineer I'm on my 2 year last semester I took physics 1 which was Vector Mechanics for engineers statics, and I was wondering what this course was going to be about I didn't understand the description. Thanks. :D
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    Really pleased to note there is plenty of practical work in this course.

    go well
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    ^^ Thanks!
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