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New member - frostysh

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    Hello to anyone who read this stuff :P,

    my name is frostysh (it is more likely label..), I like a many things, music, movies, PC-games, anime, hentai, etc. Also I have some interests in Nature, to be more preciously - Physics.
    Sometimes I am very emotional person, crying when watching sad movies.
    Many of peoples from the other forums think that I am a troll - which is wrong. Usually I have ideological conflicts with the next type of users: Religious-guys, Natio-guys, Commi-guys, and with the any similar ideology-guys.

    Well also I am usually user of the Tor-Network, which I very like (but I have no programming skill - just like the idea of this network). Well If somebody interested, I have some information about frostysh.
    • frostysh's Favorite Color: GREY https://i.imgsafe.org/293806f070.jpg [Broken]
    • frostysh's Favorite Number: ??
    • frostysh's Favorite Subject: The World
    • frostysh's Favorite Music: Era (particulary"Avatar", "Atayal folk song", ...), Gregorian (particular as "Lady in Black"), Butterfly Tea ("Hear of Medieval"), Warhammer Shadow of The Horned Rat soundtrack ("Shadow of The Horned Rat", "Age of Reckoning"), King's[/PLAIN] [Broken] Bounty: The Legend soundtrack ("The Legend", ...), The Shield soundtrack ("The Black Maria Betrayal", "Demon Called Deception", ...), Statler Brothers ("New York City"), Enzo Carlino ("Lost Love"), Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ("Straight Out of L"), Rolling Stones ("Paint in Black"), Nancy Sinatra ("These Boots Are Made For Walking"), Jimi Hendrix ("All Along The Watchtower"), Jefferson Airplane ("White Rabbit"), Edwin Star ("War"), The Doors ("The End"), Buffalo Springfield ("For What It's Worth"), unknown author ("The Letter" - "Give me ticket to the airplane..."), Bobby Fuller Four ("I Fought The Law"), V. Vysotsky (russian) ("Medical History/The History of decease", "Ice at the Earth, ice", and many other songs ... ), DDT (russian) ("Do not shoot!", "The Birthland/The Motherland", ....), Nautilus Pompilius (rossian) ("Jesus Christ", "The Mungal's Steppe", .....), http://[i [Broken] (russian) ("The Song With No Words", and the many other songs....), and the many other bands/songs with some "soul" involved :shock:
    • frostysh's Language Abuse: I do not know, perhaps English - low skill, Russian - low skill too. .
      frostysh's PC Video Games: I like to play in video-games, only on the maximum available difficulty, only hardcore...
    • frostysh's Favorite Movies: https://i.imgsafe.org/2b7d997ba2.png [Broken], some Anime (only a very good one) and some hentai.
    • frostysh's Favorite Books: Only the books with an images inside, because without it the books is very hard to read... :( .

    P.S. You have a nice forum design, I liked it.
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    Welcome to PF!
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