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New member-Nick

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    What is up everyone?
    I am new to the community, as well as the sciences. Within the last 6 months I have discovered a real passion for learning all sciences. I am 23 and I am majoring in computer science, but would really like to get in to physics as well. I have zero foundation in physics, and have an unfortunate math foundation. My schools were very "just memorize the process and pass" rather than focused on conceptualizing. While these aren't my best subjects, I am determined to excel in these areas.

    Any advice, information about resources, and where/how to start self-studying the basics of physics/mathematics would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to speaking with you all in the future. I
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    You could start with Khan's Academy and see where you stand.

    Being a programmer, you might be interested in Open Source Physics at:


    Its a java based open source toolkit for doing physics simulations via ODE solvers and charting classes and it comes with a collection of sample physics simulations.
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