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New PF Quiz today

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    If enough people are interested, I will do a short 12 question multiple choice quiz on astronomy at 11 am in chat.

    I am making it multiple choice since variations in terms and wording could make it difficult to judge. By offering standard answers, the first person to post the correct answer wins that round. You can simply type the letter for the answer "a" "b" or "c". This should make it more fair for slow typers.

    Googling is permitted.

    Arguing with the Quiz giver, if you think your answer is correct but not listed, can be done AFTER the quiz is over. If you are right, you will also get a point, then you will be banned for arguing with me. :biggrin:

    Same rules as Zz's quiz. White font, no bold, no chatting.
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    11am, whose time? I will be missing it if this is EST - might make it if it's CST. Don't see the chat up yet, so hoping it's CST.
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    11 CST.

    We can discuss if there is a better time for those that want to participate.
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    Today's Quiz winners

    Gokul - 5

    MathJeans - 3

    Astronuc, marlon, cristo & malawi tied with 1

    The quiz will be posted here later.

    Thanks to everyone that participated!!!
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    eeeyyyy, why was i left all alone in the chat ????
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    Chat closed.
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    Well done Gokul and thank you Evo.
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    So, who is doing next week's quiz?
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    I'll do a general knowledge one if everyone doesn't mind.
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    Ok, I tried to save most of the text, but The Evo Child Interrupted and closed my browser.

    Here at least are the questions, answers, and who answered first.

    1) When does a solar eclipse occur?

    A- When Mercury passes between the sun and the Earth

    B- When Venus passes between the sun and the Earth

    C- When the moon passes between the sun and the Earth - Correct MathJeans

    2) During a total solar eclipse, how long on average is the sun totally darkened?

    A- 25 seconds

    B- 2.5 minutes - Correct Gokul
    C- 25 minutes

    3) What do scientists call meteors that reach Earth?

    A- Asteroids

    B- Comets

    C- Meteorites - Correct MathJeans

    4) Where is the Meteor Crater, a hole about 4,180 feet (1,275 meters) across and 570 feet (175 meters) deep, located?

    A- Arizona - Correct Gokul

    B- Colorado

    C- New Mexico

    5) A total solar eclipse can be seen only in certain parts of the world and only areas that lie in the so-called path of totality can view a total eclipse. Approximately how wide is this path?

    A- 170 miles - Correct Astronuc

    B- 1,700 miles

    C- 17,000 miles

    6) At what distance above Earth do most meteors become visible to the human eye?

    A- 6 to 20 miles (10 to 32 kilometers)

    B- 30 to 60 miles (50 to 95 kilometers)

    C- 40 and 75 miles (65 and 120 kilometers) - Correct marlon

    7) What type of meteorite consists of minerals rich in silicon and oxygen?

    A- Stony - Correct Gokul

    B- Iron

    C- Stony-iron

    8) What scientist used observations from a total solar eclipse to support one of his most important theories?

    A- Niels Bohr

    B- Albert Einstein - Correct Gokul

    C- Enrico Fermi

    9) What do scientists call an eclipse where only the middle of the sun darkens, leaving a bright ring around the edges?

    A- Annular - Correct Gokul

    B- Partial

    C- Total

    10)According to scientists, the most brilliant meteor shower of known history took place in what year?

    A- 4 B.C.

    B - 1833 - Correct MathJeans

    C- 1999

    11) Ancient Chinese astronomers thought that solar eclipses were caused by what event?

    A- The sun had circled to the dark side of the Earth

    B- Jupiter or Mars had moved in front of the sun

    C- A dragon in the sky tried to swallow the sun - CORRECT cristo

    12) What do scientists often call the brightest meteors? These meteors are as bright as Jupiter or Venus in the night sky.

    A- Shooting stars

    B- Falling stars

    C- Fireballs - CORRECT marlon

    Final Score

    Winner - Gokul with 5 points

    Second Place - Math Jeans with 3 points

    Tied for third - Astronuc, Marlon, cristo and malawi-glenn with 1 point each

    Comgratulations to all!!!!
  12. Jul 24, 2008 #11
    OK. I'm finally back at a computer. I just wanted to say that I had a great time.
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