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Newbie question please about electrons and light

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    Hello after reading about what happens when a single electron is passed through a double slit experiment ive been reading a lot to learn more about electrons and atoms and found this forum and would be grateful if someone can answer a couple of questions i have please

    Ive learnt that if i rub my jumper off a balloon i can create static electricity....They say that this happens because i actually excite the loose electrons from the outer orbit of the balloons atom till they jump/pass over to the spare "holes" in my jumpers atoms outer orbits...ie i cause an electron hole pair i think

    ok then i read that einstien explained that the photoelectric effect happens by light landing on metal and that lights photons pass thru the metals atoms and the photons hit electrons which excite the electrons on the outer orbit so causing them to increase there orbits radius...then he said that once those exited electrons lose this extra energy they emit photons themselves,so backing up plankks idea of quanta...my question is ,is that the same thing that happens when i rub my jumper against the balloon?..ie photons exiting electrons till electrons lose energy/photons again?....i thought it was heat that caused the static from the balloon or is that the same thing really?

    Also ive read that galaxys dont behave like ours does ie..the planets in our solar system orbit the sun at different /orbits/speeds depending on the planets distance/mass ie..gravity..
    yet its been observed that planets orbiting distant stars all orbit the star at the same speed regardless of there mass so rather than say gravity behaves differently in different parts of space scientists came up with the idea that there must be other matter out there in space causing these changes...they call this stuff dark matter...if there is such a thing then surely the speed of light is also impeded by this dark matter so will they have to recalculate lights speed as ive read that light speed is calculated to be constant in free space but if theres now dark matter that influences distant planets then it must affect light as well and scientists do maths using constants such as light in free space?

    just had a thought about that there too ..if light is not constant but quantasised energy ie it pulses then maybe something can travel faster than light if the thing thats travelling is constant and not pulsing on and off like light is said to do? ...in theory that is
    i do understand that as u approach the speed of light then your mass gets heavier and time slows down...does that also apply to light itself too?...is that what a photon is matter condensed to energy?

    ill enjoy reading everything here as i want to understand electrons im beginning to think electrons "know" stuff ie they possess history

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    I strongly suggest that you browse through the forums on PF first and see if some of your answers and misinformation might be answered already. You might start with our FAQ in the General Physics forum.

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    okidoke Zapper ta
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