Newton's Gravity corrected and Pioneer 10 anomaly


    In short he claims that Newton's law must be slightly corrected on base of material difference between mases in interaction.
    Given also is one calculation that predicts difference between classical (Newton's formula) and new formula by about 0.3%.
    Computer calculation of P10 and Voyager trajectories seems to support his formula to the great extent.
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  4. Answer to the first part of the sentence :
    P10 is made of much heavier elements than outer planets.
    As for Equivalence Principle (which is imbeded in a very core of GR) this is a good question.Send the author of formula e-mail (he provided his e-mail on the page).He can explain that too.He also proposes new experiment regarding that matter.
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  5. Nobody dropped him an e-mail?
    For a long time I haven't read such a loosy attempt of P10 anomaly curve
    He even informed NASA about his "great" discovery...
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    Publish in a peer reviewed journal and have the 'discovery' assessed and we can then discuss it here on PF.

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  7. Yup,I thought it was a 1st April joke,but wasn't that date.
    Poor man,he probably didn't hear of Cavendish and Eotvos type experiments...
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