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Astrophysics Next level up from pop science texts?

  1. May 8, 2017 #1
    I am looking into self studying astrophysics, but not to an academic professional level. I am at the moment going through the Khan Academy material in maths, physics and astronomy.
    I am in no hurry to grasp all the material, as my reason for self study is more interest than professional related.
    But saying that are there any textbooks for astrophysics/physics that are beyond the pop science level which has basic math?
    At the same time not needing to take an advance course in maths to understand.

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    Perhaps this book would be good:


    Physics wise there Leonard Suskinds Theoretical Minimum series of three books and some online videos:


    These are for folks who want more math and deeper understanding of things they've studied years ago but never quite mastered.

    Also the Great Courses has a course on Astrophysics taught by Tyson:


    and others here:


    and this one been around for a long time by Alex Fillopenko:


    Disregard the prices shown and wait for them to go on sale. I think all of them come up that way once a year.
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    Try R. Shankar's lectures on YouTube or Yale's open course website. He's compiled them into two textbooks called Fundamentals of Physics I and II, also.
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    I like M. Lachieze-Rey, Cosmology: A First Course
    It contains basic calculus, but not tensor calculus of general-relativity formalism. The emphasis is on physics (in cosmology), not on mathematics. And it is only about 130 pages long.
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