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Nexus 7 Battery Condition

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    Hi All

    I am among the people who bought the nexus 7 without the data capability and pretty much the first generation of its kind when it first appeared at Google's store. After almost a year and a half I have noticed problems with the battery. It's not much of a problem as it is my annoyance with how the battery recharges. I think during the earliest date of its usage the device was pretty quick at recharging but now I think it takes about an hour to go from e.g. 35% to 60% during recharging.

    Is it a sign that the battery is going to be bad?

    Device specs: wifi, 16GB Harddrive, 7 inch display, and with android version 4.3.
    Bought when it first came out.
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    I think maybe it is a sign that the charger isn't working, or that you are now trying to charge from a USB port (500ma limit) as opposed to the ASUS charger (2A limit).

    The tablet communicates with the charger or USB to determine the charge current allowed by the charger. People have reported problems with cheap OEM cables. Have you changed cables?

    Sometimes the tablet USB data port is not working (bad connector) so it will only charge at 100ma. Can you plug it into USB and communicate with it from your PC? Try cleaning the connector in the tablet (very carefully).

    When a lithium battery wears out it manifests itself as higher internal resistance. It is possible to build a charger that will be affected by that and it ends up going into voltage mode too soon and then charges slowly. I'm not sure if the Nexus 7 behaves that way. But if that were the case it would charge quickly from 0 to 60% or so (guessing) and then slow down.

    This thread discusses some of what I said:
    http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-7-tablet-2012/246686-very-slow-charging.html [Broken]
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    The third paragraph in your message proves highly useful to this case, however, what is really weird about my tablet is that when I connect it to the outlet via my Galaxy S4's charging cable and adapter, it really charges up quickly..maybe too quickly if you ask me.

    I am not upset about at all. It just bugs me that my Nexus 7 cable cannot achieve the same goal. Maybe the cable has gone bad? I should also try cleaning it like you said.
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