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NOT quite sure what thesis to do

  1. Sep 24, 2012 #1
    1)I am about to begin my thesis in order to graduate as an electronics engineer and i am NOT quite sure what thesis to do...Maybe build an antenna,perhaps an embedded system or something else...?

    I want my thesis to be something useful, not waste of time and preparatory that could help me for a masters degree,i am soooo undecided yet!Any ideas?

    2)I have the funds to complete a master degree.Systems,control,Optoelectronics,computer networks,telecommunications ,DSP etc are some of the options.What/which master degrees seem to be more employable,decently paid and have future?Which masters should i avoid?

    your comments on these 2 questions?
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    I know it sounds simple but pick a thesis in what you are most interested in, not what you think someone else wants you to do. I have the same advice for your masters.
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    Part of what you get out of a thesis project is just this - learning how to select a "good" idea. Unfortunately there's no pretty solution to this that I know of - just trial and error.

    What you may want to do is talk with some of your professors and look at what projects other students have done in previous years. Which ones were they most impressed with? Which ones seem most interesting to you? Do they have any ideas for something that hasn't been done before?
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