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Not the usual how to get research thread

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    Not the usual "how to get research" thread...

    I've worked with professors before during the academic year and am doing so currently. I've done an REU also. My question is: how does one ask a professor for a (paid) research opportunity for the summer? Simply asking a professor to work with them or under them is easy enough but how do I convey the fact that I am looking to make this a full-time thing in the summer and would like to get paid for it (mainly because I wouldn't be able to do it for free because of living expenses)? I may, of course, be over thinking this with the best approach being the "just ask" approach.

    A little background: by the end of this academic year I'll be roughly on par with someone who's finished his or her first year of grad school.

    I suppose I should also note I am referring to mathematics research.
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    Re: Not the usual "how to get research" thread...

    You're definitely overthinking: just ask!
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    Re: Not the usual "how to get research" thread...

    I second what cristo said - just ask. They will be honest with you about whether they have any paid positions and whether you have the qualifications they are looking for.
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