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Nuclear or Neutrino?

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    I've got a couple options for summer research, and I was wondering what the board's views on the fields of nuclear physics and neutrino physics were. Where do you think these two fields will go in the next twenty years? Will they be funded regardless of the next US administration? Is there decent money in it?

    Just a few light questions....
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    It's hard to say where nuclear and particle physics will be in 20 years in this country due to uncertainties in the national budget.
    A while back there was an article in Science about in a worst case funding situation the DOE would shut down Jefferson Lab and keep Brookhaven open. This would be a major blow to the nuclear physics community but I don't think we will necessarily see a worst case funding scenario.
    On the brighter side I think the Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) is still going to be built and the SNS will be operational in a few years. So to me it appears the future of low energy nuclear physics is possibly brighter than high energy nuclear physics. I'm not sure what the future holds for neutrino detectors & experiments in this country.
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