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Homework Help: Numerical Differential Equation.

  1. Apr 20, 2008 #1


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    give a numerical method of order bigger or equals 2 for the numerical solution of:
    in the interval: [0,1] with boundary conditions:

    Attempt at solving:
    well I thought of difference equation:
    with y_0=1 and y_N=2 where we divide the interval [0,1] with N points of difference:
    Now we want the order would be greater than or equals 2, i.e the error of y_n+3-y(x_n+3) would be of O(h^3) at least.

    where [/tex]y(x_{n+3})=y((n+3)*h)[/tex]
    So now I need to expand y through taylor's expansion and then find the error y_n+3-y(x_n+3), I think that I also need to expand e^(y_n) and cos(x_n) through taylor's expansion, am I missing something or as I stated it, it's that much easy?

    thanks in advance.
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