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News Obama Gun Sale

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    Is this the Real America stocking up on firepower?

    http://www.adn.com/politics/v-gallery/story/585071.html?/1521/gallery/585072-a585070-t3.html [Broken]
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    It has been reported from JC Penney's, Macy's, Target and WalMart that since Nov. 4th, the sales of white sheets, pillow cases, and scissors in the US have increased by 75%.

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    I was listening to "Gun Talk" last (an AM talk show) Sunday and they were pointing out that the Obama transitional team had posted their intentions concerning anti-gun legislation on their website. They will bring back the Clinton assault weapons ban and make it permanent among other restrictions. Apparently, so many listeners were hitting the website to see for themselves that that particular page was taken down. It looks like the Obama administration is definitely going to expand gun restrictions. They are just keeping it on the "down-low" until they are in office. Gun owners aren't being paranoid, Obama's administration has plans contrary to gun ownership.
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    With the government holding so many other weapons than guns to control society it seems that automatic weapon pitched battles with citizens isn't a likely concern. That's fighting previous wars instead of future ones.
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    Do you have a credible source for that? You are making a highly questionable insinuation.
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    Great marketing opportunity.
    I heard that he is going to ban 3D GIS software - you should all go to my website and stock up now!

    noumed - I think we should have an icon, thats says 'warning this user may contain irony'
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    What is it that I may need a semi automatic assault rifle to protect myself from?? If I need massive protection I will need at least ten fully automatic rifles and 100's of RPG's.

    A shoulder mounted assault weapon would be great.

    My point is where do we draw the line?
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    That's just it, there is no need to draw a line. We don't have an assault weapon problem in the US. It's not a matter of need. It's the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs. I doubt we would ever "need" an assault rifle but that's not the point. If something crazy were to happen 20yrs down the road, I rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    Besides, assault rifles make a for good hunting rifles too.
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    A big grain of salt would do just fine as well.
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    Myself, I've had a gun pointed to my head by one of two crips. I learned indeed, happiness is a warm gun. Don't anyone forget it.
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    It could be one of those "joke" things I've been reading about lately.
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    So why end the right to own weapons at assault rifles.

    I have nothing against owning weapons , I have a number of them myself. Yet again, there has to be a point that the majority agrees on.
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    I am somewhat torn on this issue. I think there's more of a handgun problem than assault rifle problem. Most murders with unregistered firearms are made with handguns, not assault rifles. However, in a "killing spree" scenario, the assault rifle is a much more dangerous weapon.

    I personally support gun ownership, but believe that we need much stricter rules for obtaining guns of all sorts. If someone really can't plan ahead and wait a couple of weeks (hell, maybe months) to get their hands on a gun, I don't know if they should own one in the first place.

    I've shot all different kinds of weapons, including assault rifles, just because I think shooting is a fun activity. However, I don't know if I'll ever own a gun because I really don't think it's necessary.

    I'll also say that almost all gun owners are responsible, it's just the few exceptions that make the news. However, I've met a few crazies at the gun range too.
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    There is NO functional difference between "assault rifles" and regular semi-automatic hunting rifles. None. The difference is that "assault rifles" are cosmetically similar to military-issued fully-automatic rifles. Apart from that, most hunting rifles are considerably more potent than any "assault rifle". Even the Kalashnikov look-alike SKS can't hold a candle to my father's 40-year-old Remington Model 742, apart from clip capacity. I'd rather be facing someone with an AR-15 or an SKS than a skilled shooter with that semi-auto .30-06 any day of the week.

    What's amazing to me is that the gun lobby AND their opponents both try to leverage non-existent differences in these guns to their benefit, ignoring the facts on the ground. Apart from legislating against the sale of high-capacity magazines (which are widely available anyway) there is nothing that can be done to get rid of "assault rifles" that wouldn't apply to many, many hunting rifles. The US government cannot and will not go there.

    To those not familiar, semi-automatic hunting rifles are not "automatic" in that you can depress the trigger and fire a burst of shots. They are more properly called "auto-loading" rifles because either a portion of the exhaust gases depressing a cylinder or the recoil of the round against the bolt causes the bolt to disengage, fly back, rebound and load another round. You still need to press the trigger again to fire another round.
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    The Clinton ban was around before I began owning guns. I believe one of the distinctions they made is if the rifle had a pistol grip it was an assault rifle. Why a pistol grip makes a rifle more deadly than without, I have no idea. I believe it was just a play on peoples emotions about the "scary" military looking rifles.
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    The anti-gun nuts have focused on a lot of features, such as a pistol grip, the existence of a barrel-lug to which a bipod or bayonet could be attached, flash-suppressors, etc. The fact is that there are many accurate and very powerful hunting rifles that look quite conventional (wood stocks, glossy black bluing on the metal, etc) but that are far more deadly, especially at medium-to-long ranges.

    The M16 was chambered for .223 cal ammunition. It is a light round, and fairly accurate in that application (though it is a MUCH better round in a long-barreled rifle) and since it is small and light, a soldier on patrol can carry a lot more rounds than if he/she had to lug around .308's or some other more powerful rounds. The M14 was designed for .308's and was itself a very heavy weapon, reducing the infantry soldiers' ability to carry additional food, water, and other gear. The Germans and other NATO forces have stayed with their version of the .308, but with lighter rifles with composite stocks, much to their credit.
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    I agree. Similarly, there is no nuclear weapon problem in the US. I should be able to make and store or just buy my own nuclear weapons. After all, bombs still count as "arms". I doubt I would ever "need" a nuclear bomb, but that's not the point. If something crazy were to happen 20yrs down the road, like a Ruskie invading my house, I'd rather have my nuclear bomb handy than to have him Communise me while I order him to tear down a wall.
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    Forget "nucular" weapons, I want one of http://www.engadget.com/2008/11/11/mini-nuclear-plant-is-safe-affordable-and-purifies-water-but-d/"!!!
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    Nuclear weapon vs assault rifle. Not the best analogy.
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