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Homework Help: Objective question related to aerodynamics

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    question) For maximum range of of a glider, which of the following is true?
    a) lift to drag ratio is maximum
    b) rate of descent is minimum
    c)descent angle is maximum
    d) lift to weight ratio is maximum

    question) Total pressure at a point is defined as the pressure when the flow is brought to rest
    a) adiabatically
    b) isentropically
    c) isothermally
    d) isobarically
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    Since this is obviously a homework problem, do you want to present your thoughts on the questions?
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    Welcome to the PF, bourne. I've moved your thread to one of the Homework Help forums.

    Please tell us what the relevant equations and concepts are, and what your initial thoughts are on these questions. Then we will be able to offer tutorial help.
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    well m not given any hints . my professor just asked me these questions outright.
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    and presented you with letter bulleted multiple choice multiple choices? even if he did no one is going to tell outright
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    the total pressure is eqal to dynamic pressure plus the static pressure. but when a flow is brought to rest, the dynamic pressure becomes zero. the only pressure left is static pressure.when the flow is at rest the pressure at a point is same in all directions.But i dunt know how to coordinate this concept with the thermodynamic processes. In these thermodynamic processes like isothermal, adiabatic, isentropic pressure is never constant. So my guess is isobaric process. m i correct? Can you please tell me what exactly is happening?
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    it was kindda surprise test. well i have presented my thoughts. Can ya please correct me?
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