Observational Evidence for Extra Dimensions from Dark Matter

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I like the way the title of this paper captures ones attention. For a minute there I thought they had finally found some evidence for string theory.

From what I understand they’re speculating on astronomical observations of dark matter, by comparing the strength of self-interacting dark matter in small galaxies and that of galaxy clusters, (which is still under debate) and suggesting that this is potential evidence for extra dimensions. However these extra dimensions are bigger than usual:

The extra dimensions that Silk and colleagues say they have identified are likewise 'big', at about a nanometre across. In other words, they say, the Universe is only about a nanometre wide in these three 'directions'.

Don’t ask me to picture that in my head. :rofl:
I'd kinda figured 6 spatial dimensions also...

...2 sets of 3 interchanging at superluminal speed to create time and motion

only my 3 are exactly the same size blinking in and out in the same spot...

...nothing actually moves, its only the background changing shape or in our case the foreground

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