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Oceanography would be a good major

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    I am about to apply to colleges and was wondering if oceanography would be a good major and your views on this major. Would it be better to double major in physics and oceanography or just major in physics? Just wondering your views.
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    Re: Oceanography

    Yes - oceanography would be a good major, and oceanography+physics would be even better, although a double major would be a lot of (hard) work.

    There are research organizations like Scripps or Woods Hole where one could do research, but there are also exploration companies exploring for oil/gas and minerals offshore.

    Oceans provide a tremendous amount of food to the world, and understanding the nuances of the oceans will become more critical in the near and long term.
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    Re: Oceanography

    I was thinking the same thing about oceanography and physics being a hard double major. If I major in only physics will I still be able to find a job working as a oceanographer? I was also wondering if it would be better to get my undergrad in physics and grad in oceanography? I know I am asking a lot of questions but here is one more. If I get a degree in geolgy would that be better because it is more broad than oceanography?

    Thanks alot in advance any comments welcome
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    Re: Oceanography

    There is also the possibility of Geophysics or Earth Science as an alternative to Geology.

    FYI -


    See this - Introduction to Physical Oceanography (downloadable)


    School of Oceanography, University of Washington

    http://www.ocean.washington.edu/2004/research/programs.html [Broken]


    Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
    http://www.gso.uri.edu/support/index.html [Broken]

    Department of Oceanography - http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/oceanography/
    at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa

    The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (Univ. of Georgia) - http://www.skio.peachnet.edu/ [Broken]
    http://www.skio.peachnet.edu/Skioresearch/researchareas/ [Broken]

    UEA Meteorology, Oceanography and Climate Dynamics
    http://envam1.env.uea.ac.uk/met_ocean_climate.html [Broken]

    National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

    See also - ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil

    ICES/CIEM International Council for the Exploration of the Sea/Conseil International pour l'Exploration de la Mer
    http://www.ices.dk/indexnofla.asp [Broken]
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    Re: Oceanography

    Thanks alot for all of the information university of delaware is very inviting since it is also close to my home which is a plus for me. U of D also has a great undergrad research program which is also good.
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