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Odour trapping chemicals

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a chemical that trap odour?

    The idea is to design cat-litter using perlite as the main ingredient however; as perlite doesn't have 'odour-trapping' properties I was hoping to mix it with another chemical...

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    To do so, you must first realize why we smell odor. And as far as I am concerned, I am unsure if I can trap odor.

    Can you state the purpose you want to make an odor trap?
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    Zeolite is used for that purpose. Clinoptilolite is the current zeolite used in kitty litter.
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    Try a smidgen of vanilla essence, that's real genuine vanilla, not the imitation nor the imposter. Vanillin probably not so much traps the odour as makes it less detectible by us. But first off, test to make sure the cat doesn't find the vanilla perfume objectionable, or it may abandon use of the litter tray.
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