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Off beat question about grad school!

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    I have a different sort of question about grad school. I graduated from university over 25 years ago and recently decided to go back and do a PhD in math. I will start in the fall. I was just wondering, how do graduate student carry their books and supplies? Backpack? A Bag? By hand? I don't really remember what I used in college...
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    Vanadium 50

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    Books? What are books? :smile:

    I left my books in my office and carried a single folder with loose leaf paper for notes. After the class, I would rewrite the notes if necessary, and place them in a binder. That works even today.
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    Whatever works for you. The grad students (and professors) I know use anything from a purse/tote to a messenger bag to a bookbag. I'm planning to use a messenger bag 'cause that's what I've been using since elementary school, but it's really totally a matter of preference/comfort. Neither grad course I'm taking/sitting in on this semester requires a book, and very few courses in general require students to bring books to class.

    I basically do the same when my class is in the same building as my lab, but next year my courses are gonna be half way across the city.
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    George Jones

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    Do you mean between home and office or between office and class? Between office and class, I, too, used a folder. Between home and office, I used (and still use) a backpack. I prefer not to carry stuff (books, bags, etc.) with my hands when I walk any distance. As a grad student, I had a twenty-five minute walk between home and office, and I currently get off my bus about seventeen minutes from home.

    In any case, good luck!
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    A backpack usually.

    I still use a backpack even going to work and conferences.

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    Using donkeys with saddlebags is quite the fashion here in Norway at the moment. :smile:
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I usually leave my books at home and avoid carrying them at all. I do carry a laptop in my backpack, though, and occasionally just one book if I think I'll need it.

    I don't think anyone will particularly care what kind of bag you use. Laptop bags and briefcases are also used. But a backpack is the best way to distribute weight if you're carrying a lot.
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    I hired a small South American boy to carry my bags.
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    Its people like you who disgust me, driving up prices like that. There was a time when this was feasible, before the dark times, before increased demand...
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    I used a heavy-duty backpack - because I had library books as well. My bag probably weighed 40 lbs or so.
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    A big backpack. Other than notes/books, I put coffee mug and other important possessions (pens, pencils, calculator, coins, a sweater sometimes, earphones, some scrap paper ... and sometimes laptop ) in it.
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