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Online books biology/biochemistry

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    Does anyone have any online introduction books in molecular biology or biochemistry (pref in .pdf)? I have searched but didnt manage to find any. Its not for any specific course, i just want to learn about it on my own.
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    Within the NCBI books, Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al. and Stryer's biochemistry books are excellent resources on molecular/cell biology and biochemistry, respectively. Here are the links to the tables of contents:



    Unfortunately, NCBI won't let you navigate using the table of contents. Instead, you have to use the search feature to find the relevant sections of the books.
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    Alberts is perhaps the standard text for molecular biology students. "baby Alberts" is perhaps better for an introduction though... Look for it in a university library if there's one around it's called "Essential Cell Biology" and has I think all the same authors as the larger book.

    I don't know if it's actually a better book for you but it might be, depending on what you want to learn...
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    Thanks for the replies! I found this site too:
    This site has loads of books, all in .pdf format. Most of the links doesnt work, but some actually do.
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