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Online integrator WolfrAmalpha: 3D vector fields and syntax for double integrals?

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    Online integrator: http://www.wolframalpha.com/

    [tex]\int \int (x,y,z) \times (x,y,z) \times (x,y,z)[/tex]

    [tex]\int_{L1} \int_{L2} (dl1,0,0) \times (dl2,0,0) \times (0,-1,0)[/tex]

    What would be correct syntax to evaluate this double integral?

    I tried these, but they produce wrong result:

    try #1: integral[{l1,0,0} cross {l2,0,0} cross {0,-1,0}, {l1,0,1}, {l2,0,1}]

    try #2: integral[l1,0,1] integral[l2,0,1] {l1,0,0} cross {l2,0,0} cross {0,-1,0}
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    Dunno about the vector stuff, but for regular double integrals I've used the following syntax: integrate x^2 * e^y dx dy, x=0..1, y=0..1

    edit: however it doesn't seem very smart and in my experience frequently fails even on relatively simple double integrals.
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    That is yet another way to say the same thing, apperantly, but then, I guess, the original result might actually be correct after all. Who is the judge?
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