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Open Attached Images

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    Hi! Whenever I am going through a post on this forum and try to open a link, in the "attached images" block of a post, to an image posted by another member, I am unable to open it. I get the following.

    Do I need something on my account to access attached images on posts? How do I get it? I tried looking for a post on this forum that addresses this, however, using the search function yielded a list of posts containing attached images somewhere within the topic.
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    I've found the same problem. If you log out, you can view them for some reason :confused: :wink:
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    Odd. I haven't run into those problems. What browser and version do you use? Maybe it's an incompatibility with your browser? Odd that you can view them when logged out but not while logged in. Obviously there's a glitch somewhere (yes, you're supposed to be able to view attachments).
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    Similarly, I often cannot view Latex equations. I do not get an error message. Rather, the pix merely do not load. I use IE v. 6, with all updates.
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