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Java Open Source Java Projects?

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    Hello everyone. I am a computer science and applied math double major. I want to get involved in an open source project so I can gain experience and so I have something to show potential employers that I worked on. I just created a GITHUB account and I am not an expert at using it, nor have I contributed to a project before, but I am pretty good at Java. Are there any good open source projects I can work on to gain experience. where I don't necessarily need to be an expert?
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    You can develop physics simulations using the Open Source Physics Java libraries.


    You could upload them to github and share with others via a google blog.

    As an example, develop a game in java that uses real physics principles.

    Alternatively, you could contribute to the Julia language project and gain some experience in using Julia for doing engineering or data analysis work. See www.julialang.org

    Lastly, the processing code is open source and there may be some plugins you could do for the tool like extensions to do jruby, or clojure or Scala in the latest release of processing.

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