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Project Ideas to enhance my knowledge of programming

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    Hello, I am an undergrad doing Computer Science BSc, but that's all irrelevant.

    I started learning to program when I was about 12 and I've become very proficient in PHP, Perl, Python and C# and I have really good knowledge of C++, C, Java (and I'm a quick learner).

    I have done a lot of projects like making calculators and doing things with numbers and words, and I wanted to start a personal project that I can spend some time on when I'm not studying which will also enhance my knowledge, so I needed some suggestions because I'm not really creative at all. Anything would help!
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    What other hobbies do you like?
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    As in sports? I don't have many hobbies but I like doing maths, physics and I'm a lot into aviation and stuff but most of the time I'm just researching on computation related topics.
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    I ... suppose it could be sports. But it should be whatever you like.

    I was into personality tests a few years back (such as Myers-Briggs) and decided to practice my PHP skillz by building an online questionnaire that allowed users to make an account and take a 100 question test. I recorded all the results in a mySQL database. Now I've got 15,000 users, with 1.5 million data points to play with.

    Matter of fact, I'm having trouble with it. It's stopped working. Some authentication problem with the PHP version. My skillz have rusted and now it's kind of over my head. ;););)
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    It's good at your current age (well I assume early 20s :D ) to realize the differences between "know" and "understand". I missed this part in my early career and late student life that once built me into a partial illusionist suffering from a psychological problem (I forgot how it is named technically) in which I would be more self-absorbed of whatever I came across reading or hearing than others. Totally negative!
    I then retreated myself with "relative" thoughts to balance my own physical and spiritual life aspects. But it lessened my competency among co-workers or classmates.
    I also know about those languages but it's true I understand only some in "partial" depth and when it comes to interviews for the job, my success is then bet on luck. Yet, after years of work with hundreds to thousands of job interviews, my skin is all well "keratinized".
    I have some ideas for academic projects. Particularly I would love to work with sensors and AI projects to detect and measure atmospheric density of different gases, pollutants ;) . Others include studies on deep oceanic creatures' lives, those living without need for light and even oxygen. I also fall in love with image processing done for security purposes. I once applied for a Canadian company (i3) but they certainly didn't agree my proposed salary. My interest in this area goes into algorithms to improve facial detection and searching via video camera catch and database look-up. The codebase is probably written in C/C++ which is also the language I prefer. I would also like to extend the current features into not only desktop based applications but web based component models or services via use of COM/COM+ (good old chips) and web scripting languages or web services as well. Besides I really can't help falling for simulation games for mobile devices. I love Unity3D but am not a expert on it yet. I've started to love it since I first played Mickey House. The project I have in mind is to build a game to stimulate players' evaluation and planning skills.
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    You could find a way to merge the projects you have done in an interesting or innovative manner.

    If you can integrate a few platforms together (like doing say a web-based calculator that calls compiled code from a PHP environment) then that would teach you quite a bit about how stuff is done in the real world when you typically integrate half a dozen different platforms together.

    The challenges in this will be in how you pass data, how you deal with platform issues including things like DLL's, COM objects, and anything else that is relevant. If you get an idea of how to integrate things as diverse as COM with PHP, C++, Java, and a tonne of other stuff (scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Perl, and so on) then it will give you quite an education in software development.
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    Write a C program that takes in a boolean expression, and outputs the circuit diagram for it in ASCII.
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