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Orange Light

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    This happened about a month ago. I was looking out my window at the sky at about 10 o'clock at night. I was looking West and I noticed an orange light. It hadn't been there moments earlier. About thirty seconds later it was gone. I figured it might have been a plane, but it didn't move. It just looked like an orange star appear, and then dissapear. Any thoughts?
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    It could've been a stray meteor heading along your line of sight.
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    Meteor would move and wouldn't last for 30 seconds.
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    Not something that is heading directly at you. When you look at regular meteor showers, the pieces of tiny rocks move from one part of the sky to other, leaving a trail behind them. There have been many cases where people have seen these things grow brighter and somewhat bigger as time passed but never leaving a trail. These were the times when it was moving parallel to the line of sight - like a truck or a train, or anything else for that matter, moving towards you. Also, it could have lasted for 30 seconds if it was sufficiently large...something like a bolide maybe. It's a possibility.
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    A plane can look stationary if it's moving in your direction (the brightness of the light would just change). Then the light can seem to disappear if the plane turns.

    Any info about the brightness of the light?
    Big or small?
    Was it low to the horizon or high up?
    Did it twinkle or was it steady?
    Any clouds that night?
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