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Orchestration of Quantum Entanglement

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    How and where is quantum entanglement orchestrated? Does it require a deeper, non-spacial level of existence where the distance between entangled particles is irrelevant?
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    There are a couple ways to explain it. One is that there isn't really information being sent over those distances, that the reason it happens is simply because two states are just equal to each other. If I say 1=x+2, then time doesn't need to pass in order for that statement to be true, it's just mathematically true.
    The other explanation is there are extra dimensions, and entangled particles occupy the same 5 dimensional space but different locations in 3 dimensional space.
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    Is this like folding a piece of paper in such a way that two or more points on the piece of paper are touching each other?

    Is it possible that a 5-dimensional representation of the human brain would reveal a very sharp focal point for all of the brain's information?
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    Probably not. A lot of what your saying is over-exaggerated.
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    Please explain.
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    Do you disagree with Penrose and Hameroff?
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    Anything beyond "the probability mathematically correlates no matter what the distance" has not been scientifically credited. What your saying might as well be string-theory.
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