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Oscillation therory problem

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    The oscillation of the universe therory was dropped because 'the universe is very inefficient' and so could not rebound after a collapse. What is the reason that cosmologist say this? In what way is it inefficient? It seems that the conservation laws say the opposite. Robert.
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    Could you provide a little more context please? Which "oscillation theory" are you referring to? Who said that the universe is inefficient?
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    The inefficiant universe

    I can not find the net source of the statement that 'the universe is inefficiant'. The source sited 3 things that were as problem with the therory of an oscillating universe. 1. it violated the 2nd law of thermo dynamics. 2. the latest observations indicate the univers is flat not closed, a requirement for the universe to collapse, a lack of sufficent mass. 3. the universe is very inefficent and the energy of collapse could not be efficiently converted to the next expansion resulting in imediate recollapse.
    My question is: why is the universe inefficent, given the fact that mass/energy, momentum, is preserved? if momentum is preserved then the momentum of the collapse must be conserved and result in another expansion.
    That is what I do not understand. These 3 concerns are aparently the ideas of main stream science. Thanks for your responce. Robert.
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    The oscillating universe could be very efficient. I was thinking about this question during a few last months and have summarised my results in a short paper. If you are interested you can find it in the physics arxiv:


    Since this is the first draft, I would appreciate any comments.
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