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Otherside infinite?

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    Let's say we caught up to the end of the universe and we're keeping up with its expansion. What's on the other side? And is the other side infinite? Will the universe have to stop expanding if its not infinite on the other side
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    There is no end of the universe. You cannot catch up with it.
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    I assume you're speaking of the observable universe. In this case if you get to the edge you will neccesarily be 'keeping up with expansion' relative to your starting position.

    What wil you see though? In my non-scientific understanding of things you will see exactly the same sort of things that you would see in space from here. The observable universe will be a new bubble and Earth will be just on the outer edges of it. (assuming you travelled there instantly)
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    I think I understand the bubble thing. Its the whole different levels of multiple dimensions. I mean I remember reading about how there are different bubbles filled with galaxies or a universe
    But besides that I get it what your saying thanks
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    Ah, when I used the term 'bubble' I specifically meant a new 'sphere' of observable universe. Everything will appear the same as it does here and you will be able to see roughly the same distance away as you can from here. It's still part of our universe, and the observable parts would overlap a bit.

    It's slightly confusing in words. Maybe someone has a diagram of what I'm talking about. :tongue:
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    We already are at the temporal edge of the universe. The other 'side' of the universe is the past. We are surrounded by the past and cannot 'see' the future of the universe.
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    This video is a brief explanation of the 4th dimension. According to M-theory our universe has 11 dimensions. time is also a dimension. As chronos said the edge of the universe is temporal and the "other side" is the past.
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